Getting Started

To begin, I’m just going to be posting random thoughts in an attempt to get into the habit of posting. I’m a skilled practitioner of doing nothing justified by seeking perfection so here I’m not going to worry about quality in an attempt to overcome that.

I’m also not going to tell people about the blog yet in case it really does go no where – not really recommended practice but that is how it is.

Hello World

Well, day one and I’ve created the blog.

The main aim for today is to avoid wasting time on the internet. I’m currently watching series 2 of Empire on Amazon Prime so I will allow myself to finish the series and then no more box sets for a while.

Planning on going salsa dancing this evening. I’ve done the basics before but the pressure of moving up to the improvers class scared me away. Time to fix that because it’s something I would really like to get good at. For those confident enough to freestyle, it is a great social activity that doesn’t involve alcohol.